Have you ever considered buying a cooler but didn’t know exactly which model will fit your needs? Or have you bought a cooler only to discover that it’s not suited for the type of activity you had in mind? Well, that’s why we created Cooler List.

Our mission here at Cooler List is simple. We review the best coolers available on the market, and we reveal their pros and cons. Depending on each cooler’s performance, we either include it on one of our lists if it’s good enough, or we compare it to another similar model to determine which one is better in their category.

Our review process is simple. Based on our original testing and some customers’ testimonies, we systematically examine each of the cooler’s features, starting with its exterior and finishing with the smallest relevant details.

Our goal is to offer enough information for you to be able to determine which model is the most suitable cooler for your needs. Every cooler we include on our list goes through our strict processing, so it’s safe to say it’s one of the best products on the market.